Ben Fewtrell


Great to see you here at the Business Brain Food Podcast.

My name is Ben Fewtrell and I started my first business at the age of 18 in the transport industry. By the age of 28 I had 64 trucks on the road but if I were totally honest with you, whilst this sounds impressive, I had to work ridiculous hours and was paid less than if I worked for someone else!

In 2001 I met Andrew. Andrew is a ‘business coach’ and until this point in time I had no idea what a business coach did, but after chatting with Andrew I quickly realized the power in working with someone that could coach me to grow a business the right way.

I was well and truly over the long hours and challenges of the transport industry, so instead of getting Andrew to coach me in my transport business, I sold out and decided to become a coach myself, and have Andrew help me start my business coaching business.

Since that moment in time, I have personally trained thousands of business owners and built the most awarded business coaching firm in Australia. I now have a team of coaches working with hundreds of clients across Australia.

I have been featured in several publications, became a published author, featured on Sky News, became a Director of the SME Association of Australia and proudly go to bed each night knowing I am transforming the lives of many business owners.

In 2014 I started this podcast – the Business Brain Food. A weekly podcast where I interview some of the world’s leading experts on everything you need to know to build a better business. This show has been a huge success, check it out by CLICKING HERE

If you have a question, just want to say hi or give me some feedback on the show, please contact me HERE

Cheers and until next time…

Have a profitable day!